31 December 2013

Preview Day 2 - Equestrian Paper Dolls + Custom Pet Portraits

Yesterday I shared some artwork that I'll be making into a new printable stationery design for you... today is something completely different!

Many of my new listings are inspired by Christmas gifts that I made for some of my family this year... I created these paper dolls for my youngest niece, who is way into horses (my favorite thing when I was a little girl), and now I'm sharing them with you! Who doesn't enjoy a good old fashioned paper doll? :) They will be blank so you or your kiddos can make them any color you want! If I get requests for it I'll probably add color versions too... and I have plans for different scenes and horses and riders from different disciplines of riding as well depending on how well this set sells!

Look for these printables tonight at 12am EST at Scoutaroo Paper Co! ♥

Also I keep forgetting that today is New Year's Eve... I thought I had an extra day to put together new listings for the shop! Ack! So here's a bonus preview. I'll be offering custom pet portraits now too! There are a few variations and options available, but I'm pretty excited about these colored pencil Victorian-styled ones which I will be offering for $75:

Photo by my sis-in-law Kirsten Barsotti of other sis-in-law's cat, Sebastian ♥
Anybody have any fun New Years Eve plans? I'll be at home with my family, playing board games, eating junk food, and watching The Twilight Zone. Gooooood times. Oh, and listing these fun things on my Etsy shop at midnight EST! ♥

Bring it on, 2014...

♥ Ciara Kay

30 December 2013

Preview Day 1 - Robo Raptor

As promised, a preview!

I have a few changes planned for the structure of Scoutaroo... and as I test things out, please give me your thoughts and feedback!

First change: Scoutaroo Paper Co is switching primarily to printables! (And not just for stationery, but more on that later this week). Yes it's a bit ironic, with me calling my shop a paper company and all and not providing physical paper products, and I hope to offer both printable and printed versions of each design in the future, but for now I need to keep things simple.

On to today's preview! For Christmas gifts this year I made artwork for my family, which inspired several new designs and product ideas... this is what I made for my youngest brother, which will make an appearance as a new printable stationery design later this week!

Leftover Christmas cookie for your thoughts?  ;)

♥ Ciara Kay

29 December 2013

Something New

Here is the world. Beautiful & terrible things will happen. Do not be afraid.
Quote by Frederick Buechner • Art by Me

I've had a rocky start adjusting to our new home in Santa Cruz. I got a job working for a local green cleaning company, but the the dust and allergens/mold in the homes I cleaned triggered asthma attacks and some awful congestion. I guess I'm not made to be a house cleaner after all.

While I was cleaning other people's houses around the county, I found myself daydreaming about someday launching my own creative career, working from home, managing my own business... it's a dream I can't seem to shake, for better or for worse, despite my attempts to stifle it. So, I'm back!

I will be looking for a new "day job," but in the meantime it's time to dust off the digital shelves at Scoutaroo Paper Co. (fortunately digital dust does not induce asthma) and adding some brand new listings for you, my friends and fans! Your support has been vital, and I hope it will continue to be! I thank you for all of the encouragement you've given me during my hiatus... without it I would never have come back. ♥ Let's see what happens this time around in 2014.

I'll be sharing some previews this week, and a few new listings will be posted at midnight (EST time) on the first day of the new year!

So, what's new with you?

♥ Ciara Kay