About Me

Hello there! I'm Ciara Kay, a person living in Northern California with my husband of 3+ years, Jamison. We moved from Chico, CA to the Santa Cruz area in 2013 so my husband could start his Ph.D. program in mathematics at UC Santa Cruz, and so I could live by the beach...

Some things you should know about me: I am an animal lover, tea and coffee drinker, doodle maker, David Bowie fanatic, and snail mail enthusiast. My favorite place to be is at home (especially with that ocean breeze drifting through the open windows!), and one of my goals in life is to make my home hygge. I care deeply about issues like human trafficking and the current state of our culture. I'm passionate about art and design. I believe that wonder can be found anywhere if you have the eyes to see.

I'm a pretty normal person though... I prefer junk food and I hate sweat and I wish my closet looked like a Pinterest board. If I had multiple lifetimes to live, I would be a concert violinist, a falconer, a professional wine-taster, a horse trainer, a comic book artist, a competitive fly-fisher, a mortician, a lawyer for IJM, a B&B owner, and/or a theologian.

Say hi!

5085 Wilder Drive Apt C
Soquel, CA 95073

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About Scoutaroo Paper Co.

I began Scoutaroo Paper Co. because I believe that even the paper we write on can tell a story. Finding the perfect stationery to send to just the right person is part of the magic of modern letter-writing, and I think the stationery we choose can be just as varied and original as the people we write to!

I've been making my own stationery since I was a little girl for my first penpal, and I continued to make it myself because I could never find quite what I was looking for in stores. My hope with Scoutaroo is that you will find what you are looking for to make your mail speak louder than words!

All of my designs use drawings that I have created using traditional mediums (right now I love pen & ink and watercolor). I then scan or photograph the art and put together my stationery designs in Photoshop & Illustrator. My designs are printed locally, and then I get to package them up and send them to you!

Scoutaroo Paper Co. got its name from my first dog, the reward from my first entrepreneurial venture! When I was nine years old, I ran a pet-sitting business in my neighborhood. I had one very loyal customer, a flight attendant with two Chow Chows named Goober and Asher, and she made it possible for me to save enough money to buy my very own puppy, who I named Scout, which stuck for a few weeks anyway. My family is notorious for nicknaming our pets and children, and his moniker quickly became "Scoutaroo."