19 February 2013

Quick Update: Snow, Expect Delays

+ Today it snowed!
+ We got the keys to our new place
+ I got another job which I'm excited about (it's actually my old job, but different responsibilities & far less hours, woo!)
+ I got the first batch of lettersets printed
+ I met with a couple ladies from the Butte County Crafters Etsy Team about summer craft faires/booths
+ Got the official LEP stationery and some awesome zines & letters from LetterMo today in the mail!

- The envelopes I have don't fit properly and because everything MUST be perfect, I am ordering the proper size before I list them on Etsy
- Family emergency yesterday... more on that later
- My job starts tomorrow... wasn't prepared for that which means moving in and finishing commissions are delayed yet another day
- Jamie has been sick all weekend

All this adds up to: No new listings until next week at the earliest.

Oh well. Life goes on. All that's left to do is bend your knees and lean into it... I learned that in Roller Derby. And now it's time for Pre-Dinner Nachos, yum!

♥ Ciara Kay

16 February 2013

Works Never Done

Quick update: Valentine Sales went great! I still have lots of stock, but live & learn, and I made a profit above & beyond what I think I need to print the first batch of lettersets... so that's good.

This week we will hopefully be moving, so aside from listing those lettersets on Tuesday, things will be pretty quiet in my corner of the interwebs.

Ok, off to watch 30 Rock on Netflix.

♥ Ciara Kay

12 February 2013

Coming Soon!

Hey all!

Valentine sales are going well... There are still a few left online that I can ship out today to arrive on Valentine's Day (that's free upgraded shipping, take advantage of it) for domestic orders! So if you still need a Valentine for your sweetheart, order one before 3pm PST so you can tell them how much you love them with a cheesy under-the-sea pun.

Ok, that's the last pitch of the season. Moving on!

We are going to have to wait for the dust to settle after Valentine's Day & see how many we sold at the various consignment shops around town before we print any new products, but I did want to show off the finished designs for the two 5"X7" lettersets I hope to list this week or next! (I do apologize for the watermarks, they aren't going to be on the printed sets, of course).

"Cafe Coffee Day"
Both designs will be printed on a gorgeous stock and they are going to look AMAZING. I can't wait! I picked out the paper a few weeks ago and was just drooling over it; it's so nice to write on and it makes the colors just pop. I'm going to sell them in packs of 10 with 5 Kraft paper envelopes. Won't be doing preorders this time, I don't want to get caught in an endless loop of preorders, haha.

Anyway, this week is turning out to be much better than last week... I have plenty of time to catch up on my correspondence and my sleep, and still check off everything on my to-do list! Plus it looks like we will be able to move in to our new place in Chico this weekend!! So many things to look forward to!

Hope ya'll are having a great week too!

♥ Ciara Kay

08 February 2013


Can't wait to get my camera fixed... in the meantime, here are a few photos of today's outgoing mail taken via tablet! I finally had a chance to write some letters and mail out some zines for LetterMo! I have four achievements so far... I love the achievement system, it's so much fun! I hope they have lots more to unlock next year. I also hope I will have my act together next year and not have to wait a week into LetterMo to start sending stuff!!

To a penpal ♥
Some zines to a new friend!
Reply zines (LetterMo)
To a new friend found on Swap-Bot!
 I spent most of the day in my pajamas. It was glorious. I just got dressed because Jamie & I are headed down to Chico to check out the downtown ArtAbout (a couple participating shops are selling my Valentines! So we are also curious about how sales are going). Later we will catch a movie, and call it a Friday well spent!

What about you? How is your LetterMo going?

♥ Ciara Kay

07 February 2013

Achievement Unlocked!

I think one wholesale account, four consignment accounts, a nearly empty online inventory and money trickling into the bank is a good start for a business that began three weeks ago, eh?

The aftermath of our marathon cut/fold/tie/stuff/label session last night!
I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck (Derby practice on Tuesday didn't help!). Starting on Monday this week has been a nonstop crash course in chaos. First, my envelope company was out of their stock. Then, my heart stickers didn't arrive in time. There were tears, there were moments of panic, there were times I wanted to chuck the whole thing and go back to being an office zombie. But it all worked out in the end for better or for worse, and now my products are lovingly nestled in baskets and in card stands around Paradise and Chico.

And it's over!! For now, anyway... I've decided not to list any new products until after Valentine's Day so I can get the final damage report before I go printing & ordering more stuff! However, I have given myself the rest of the week off from Scoutaroo, haha (besides filling new online orders, of course! Work's never done!). And speaking of that nearly empty online inventory, ya'll better go buy stuff before it sells out... Because I am NOT printing any more of these dang Valentines, haha! Keep an eye out for some discounted packs... I'm bad at math and ended up with extra cards, but not enough stickers & envelopes. But the cards are still adorable, so I'm going to sell them without all the extras for a discounted price.

Time to tackle that pile of mail that has been guilting me for the last week and a half and get caught up on LetterMo!

♥ Ciara Kay

01 February 2013

And We're Off!!

FINALLY! I actually have a product to sell! I'm amazed I suckered all you who pre-ordered into buying imaginary things, HAH. But now I have to deliver, and today was dedicated to getting orders printed, packaged, and shipped! Here are a few pictures of Scoutaroo Paper Co.'s very first orders!!
Some trouble at the printer's left us with over 300 Classroom Valentines to cut ourselves!! Our printer did beautiful work though and I'm very pleased with the final product.

My wonderful, awesome, supportive husband helped me cut out all the cards, count them, tie them up with string, and package them!
Pretty piles of Classroom Valentines!
Me tying up bundles of Classroom Valentines ♥
Lovely little rows!
All packaged up & ready to ship!
10 orders went out today!! I was able to hand-deliver my mom's order of course, haha.
I was so excited to get these out to the post office, and when I got back home, I found another order waiting in my inbox for an Octopus card from Bianca in New York!! That is officially my furthest order so far!

Getting these things done was definitely an adventure! Things went wrong right and left, from getting my envelope orders delivered on time to getting my stuff printed exactly the way I wanted, haha. The last week was seriously an emotional roller coaster for me... But it's finished and I've learned a few good lessons, and I'm pleased as punch with my final product!

I even sold one pack of 4 full cards to the owner of the coffee shop that Jamie & I spent some time at yesterday because she was so taken with the designs! That made me feel good. And of course, some scrimmaging at Roller Derby practice helped me get the rest of my frustration out of my system... I love that I've found a productive past time that involves knocking people over.

Now I have a decision to make... I've already sold over half of my inventory! Do I buy more and try to sell some packs in local shops AND online? Or do I make these designs limited edition and move on to other things? I'm leaning towards getting more Valentines to sell, but I also want to get some lettersets printed soon! Maybe I can do both... We shall see!

LetterMo started today and I was so busy running around and chopping up paper and getting bits of twine dust in my eyes that I failed to send any letters! But I did send ten packages full of goodies out into the world, so maybe that counts. ♥

Dazed & Confused but Feeling Accomplished,
Ciara Kay