01 February 2013

And We're Off!!

FINALLY! I actually have a product to sell! I'm amazed I suckered all you who pre-ordered into buying imaginary things, HAH. But now I have to deliver, and today was dedicated to getting orders printed, packaged, and shipped! Here are a few pictures of Scoutaroo Paper Co.'s very first orders!!
Some trouble at the printer's left us with over 300 Classroom Valentines to cut ourselves!! Our printer did beautiful work though and I'm very pleased with the final product.

My wonderful, awesome, supportive husband helped me cut out all the cards, count them, tie them up with string, and package them!
Pretty piles of Classroom Valentines!
Me tying up bundles of Classroom Valentines ♥
Lovely little rows!
All packaged up & ready to ship!
10 orders went out today!! I was able to hand-deliver my mom's order of course, haha.
I was so excited to get these out to the post office, and when I got back home, I found another order waiting in my inbox for an Octopus card from Bianca in New York!! That is officially my furthest order so far!

Getting these things done was definitely an adventure! Things went wrong right and left, from getting my envelope orders delivered on time to getting my stuff printed exactly the way I wanted, haha. The last week was seriously an emotional roller coaster for me... But it's finished and I've learned a few good lessons, and I'm pleased as punch with my final product!

I even sold one pack of 4 full cards to the owner of the coffee shop that Jamie & I spent some time at yesterday because she was so taken with the designs! That made me feel good. And of course, some scrimmaging at Roller Derby practice helped me get the rest of my frustration out of my system... I love that I've found a productive past time that involves knocking people over.

Now I have a decision to make... I've already sold over half of my inventory! Do I buy more and try to sell some packs in local shops AND online? Or do I make these designs limited edition and move on to other things? I'm leaning towards getting more Valentines to sell, but I also want to get some lettersets printed soon! Maybe I can do both... We shall see!

LetterMo started today and I was so busy running around and chopping up paper and getting bits of twine dust in my eyes that I failed to send any letters! But I did send ten packages full of goodies out into the world, so maybe that counts. ♥

Dazed & Confused but Feeling Accomplished,
Ciara Kay


  1. Couldn't be happier to be a sucker. :)

  2. Love how you packaged them...very chic and boutique-y!~ Can't wait to send out my Valentine's to all my co-workers in 2 weeks!~:)

  3. These are awesome and I totally think you should go for it! I would be surprised if you won't sell a lot more.