07 February 2013

Achievement Unlocked!

I think one wholesale account, four consignment accounts, a nearly empty online inventory and money trickling into the bank is a good start for a business that began three weeks ago, eh?

The aftermath of our marathon cut/fold/tie/stuff/label session last night!
I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck (Derby practice on Tuesday didn't help!). Starting on Monday this week has been a nonstop crash course in chaos. First, my envelope company was out of their stock. Then, my heart stickers didn't arrive in time. There were tears, there were moments of panic, there were times I wanted to chuck the whole thing and go back to being an office zombie. But it all worked out in the end for better or for worse, and now my products are lovingly nestled in baskets and in card stands around Paradise and Chico.

And it's over!! For now, anyway... I've decided not to list any new products until after Valentine's Day so I can get the final damage report before I go printing & ordering more stuff! However, I have given myself the rest of the week off from Scoutaroo, haha (besides filling new online orders, of course! Work's never done!). And speaking of that nearly empty online inventory, ya'll better go buy stuff before it sells out... Because I am NOT printing any more of these dang Valentines, haha! Keep an eye out for some discounted packs... I'm bad at math and ended up with extra cards, but not enough stickers & envelopes. But the cards are still adorable, so I'm going to sell them without all the extras for a discounted price.

Time to tackle that pile of mail that has been guilting me for the last week and a half and get caught up on LetterMo!

♥ Ciara Kay