12 January 2014

A Blur

It seems like a small eternity has passed since last week. First of all, I got a job! Just like that, I'm employed again, and by an awesome local framing gallery! I have barely had time to process it... I'm a jumble of emotions. Of course I'm grateful and excited, but I'm also overwhelmed and sad to see my free time go bye-bye so soon...

My burst of creative energy early in the week paid off though, and I've already received my first commission for an Adventure Time-styled family portrait which I'm super stoked to start working on, and I've had lots of great feedback on my new birth announcement designs. ♥

Adventure Time Family Portrait
$50 for a couple and pet (more pricing options available)
See this and more customizable birth announcement designs by moi!

My first order of business is to see what is realistic for me to take on with my new full-time work schedule... On my radar is everything from Roller Derby to Scoutaroo to LEP to creating a children's book (not to mention keeping up with a giant pile of mail). I have to figure out what projects I can even keep doing before I look into starting anything new. So, sadly things may quiet down around here again while I establish a new routine to work off of. Things are just changing so rapidly!! I'm seriously ready for life to be boring again, haha.

How has your 2014 been going so far?

♥ Ciara Kay

07 January 2014

New Designs. Maybe.

Some scribbles from my morning coffee (which was something delicious from India... I forget the name now, but I pronounced it like a pro when I ordered. Well... the barista didn't correct me, so I assume I got it right).

Friends are having babies, so I have birth announcement/shower invites on the brain. Also giant golem-monsters.

An idea from last year that didn't come to fruition. Lyrics by Dead Man's Bones.

That guy. (I ran out of lead halfway through).
♥ Ciara Kay

01 January 2014

It's 2014...

Let's take a look at 2013's resolutions, which I nearly spent more time making a zine about than actually doing.

✓ Make a Dress

✓ Have an Art Show. Does a craft show count?

✓ Shop used/local/handmade Whenever Possible. This was a vague goal. I definitely did less shopping in general this year out of necessity and when I did I was pretty good about thrifting it (except the damn Dollar Store gets me every time), but someday I hope to buy mostly local groceries for sure.

✓ Read the Bible. I read from it almost every day. I'm in the middle of the book of Job, my third reading of Psalms, and I jump around the New Testament. Right now I'm in John to follow along with my church.

Read 13 Books. Nope. Well, maybe. I did read the Game of Thrones series and several books on theology and depression. So maybe. I'd have to count, but I don't feel like it. :P

Run Three 5K Races. HAH. Nope.

Lose Three Inches. I've lost weight but I've also stopped using any numerical measures to keep track.

Adopt a Pet. I have a betta that I adopted? :P But because I was thinking dog or cat that doesn't count... someday I'll live in a pet-friendly home.

Join Big Brother, Big Sister. Also nope.

Learn to Cook five Thai or Indian Dishes. I did learn how to make palak paneer and aloo gobi!

✓ Make 100 Etsy Sales. Woohoo! I have you lovely folks to thank for that one!

✓ Visit Five "New" Local Attractions. I didn't meet this goal while in Chico, but here in Santa Cruz I've been to two state parks, seen the Grateful Dead display at UC Santa Cruz, attended a Santa Cruz Derby Girls bout, and I've visited a couple of local breweries. Still more to see but I got that covered!

Collect the Rest of David Bowie's Albums. Ah well. I'll get there eventually. At least I got his amazing new release that was announced about this time last year! ♥

6/13, pretty good! No resolutions for me this year. Too many changes happen in even a few weeks, including my priorities.

Oh! Be sure to check out my new listings, which I posted sporadically throughout the evening yesterday! I'll be posting more over the next couple of weeks as I get stuff together.

Did you make any resolutions for 2014? How did you do on last year's resolutions?

♥ Ciara Kay