31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey! Quick post here with my 2013 Resolutions! I'll have the long-time promised mail/envies/photos of  the Feather Falls hike in a few days.

So, I made a zine for my resolutions this year (totally addicted to zine-making... in fact I started a new swap to satisfy my craving! Deadline is Jan 2 to join!!). Here's the full zine, and below is my list!

Read counter-clockwise from the top right!
♥ Make a Dress
♥ Have an Art Show
♥ Shop used/local/handmade Whenever Possible
♥ Read the Bible
♥ Read 13 Books
♥ Run Three 5K Races
♥ Lose Three Inches
♥ Adopt a Pet
♥ Join Big Brother, Big Sister
♥ Learn to Cook five Thai or Indian Dishes
♥ Make 100 Etsy Sales
♥ Visit Five "New" Local Attractions
♥ Collect the Rest of David Bowie's Albums

Last year I made a list of 20 things I would like to try for the New Year... I accomplished three things, haha. I learned to drive a stick shift, I made lots more art, and I went wine-tasting for my 21st birthday. All good things and it was still a good year, but I hope to check all of my resolutions off this year!

Tonight we're watching the Twilight Zone marathon and probably playing some games with a few friends before the midnight Times Square shindig. Should be a fun New Year's Eve!

Did you make any resolutions?

-- Ciara Kay

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