08 February 2013


Can't wait to get my camera fixed... in the meantime, here are a few photos of today's outgoing mail taken via tablet! I finally had a chance to write some letters and mail out some zines for LetterMo! I have four achievements so far... I love the achievement system, it's so much fun! I hope they have lots more to unlock next year. I also hope I will have my act together next year and not have to wait a week into LetterMo to start sending stuff!!

To a penpal ♥
Some zines to a new friend!
Reply zines (LetterMo)
To a new friend found on Swap-Bot!
 I spent most of the day in my pajamas. It was glorious. I just got dressed because Jamie & I are headed down to Chico to check out the downtown ArtAbout (a couple participating shops are selling my Valentines! So we are also curious about how sales are going). Later we will catch a movie, and call it a Friday well spent!

What about you? How is your LetterMo going?

♥ Ciara Kay

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