30 January 2013

In Production!

So, I'm getting my Under the Sea Valentine sets printed up tomorrow, and my supplies (SUPER DUPER TINY ADORABLE ENVELOPES!!) are starting to trickle in! I put together a "prototype" package just to make sure everything was going to fit, and oh boy I am SO excited to send these out to people! I think everyone who has ordered some Valentines will be really pleased!

For now, I only have a picture of my recycled thank you tags, which I made out of a shipping envelope I got last week, a paper punch, a stamp, and soon lots of ink with my gratitude in written form! ♥

Yay, recycling!
Tomorrow is the big assembly day, so I will have lots of pictures! There's still time to order some Valentines for yourself & your loved ones before I ship my FIRST batch on Friday! Ya'll have no idea how excited I am. It's a wonderful feeling to have a dream become a reality.

♥ Ciara Kay