28 January 2013

Derby Dames

I apologize for the SUPER CRAPPY webcam pics, but I wanted to share some doodles I've been doing of Derby girls, my new favorite sketch subject! My team wanted me to design a new logo, and our name is Viva Roller Derby, so the skeleton/living girl was kind of a play on that. I'll be working on a vector of one of the mug shots this week!

In Other News...

I'm covering some shifts at my old job and starting my new job this week, which means I can A) quit freeloading and start buying my own derby gear & paying dues, and B) start ordering more inventory for Scoutaroo!

There's still time to order some Valentines, which will, of course, help me reach goals A & B even sooner. After Friday I will be able to ship them as they are ordered because I will have all my inventory ready to send. Exciting! Pre-orders are annoying for everybody... It will be nice to have actual inventory on hand to sell!

This week I'll be assembling orders & shipping them off to their recipients! I'm going to post lots of production pictures, haha. I also have a plan for a Grand Opening in the works with some giveaways & sales & other fun stuff... but before all that, I will be listing some new lettersets, which is the whole reason I started Scoutaroo in the first place! It's all about the lettersets!!

Remember those previews from my first post back in December? Those have become fully-fledged letterset designs now, and all I have to do is say the word and my print shop in Chico will make a whole batch! I can't wait!! You can expect an announcement for those next week, after I've shipped off my first orders of Valentines.

So, things are rolling along quite nicely! (see what i did there... derby humor, heh).

Delightedly Yours,
♥ Dead Marsha


  1. So a letterset is basically stationary that you print out in sets? I went back to your link to the original post and that's what is appears to me..I LOVE that kitty and the coffee motif, so both will make awesome lettersets! Excited for your official launch!! And I'm very happy you've been working here this week, too, btw, as 'my' secretary!

    1. A letter set is stationery and an envelope. =) I'm excited too! And glad to have the work. ;)