11 December 2012

Hello There!

So, I am too impatient to wait until AFTER the holidays and closer to my Launch Day to start blogging... I cannot resist, I am a show off. Also I was afraid that David Bowie with a pistol would scare people off (you have not seen the last of that guy).

I've been working away on stationary & card designs! My goal for Launch Day: Have three letterset designs and a Valentine's Day design available for purchase! I'm over halfway there, just one letterset to go! Still a lot to do besides designing the actual products, but that bit is pretty crucial. ;) I'm thinking I may take pre-orders (because I'm impatient like that, see above) on all four until I can actually get them printed mid-January... I dunno, that might be a terrible idea. Thoughts on Pre-orders?

So without further ado, here are two preview paintings of some upcoming letterset designs which will be made available in January!

"Cafe Coffee Day"

I will continue to share designs as I make them and some random doodles & drawings just for kicks. I'll be posting the Valentine's Day previews after the holidays; I'm especially excited about those, so I'll save them for later. ;) You can also expect some incoming & outgoing mail art once I'm home again and can respond to letters in a more timely fashion! I've been sending letters & postcards like crazy this last week in anticipation of having a "permanent" residence again!

Again, please check out the awesome blogs on the right while I get things rolling! =)

♥ Ciara Kay

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  1. OOh I like the coffee motif...kind of a mix between Russian folk and Indian designs! Me likey:) I think preordering is fine- I'd do it if you had sets ready to order! Its just like regular ordering really (except you just wait a little longer to get your order - you are still choosing a product based on a photograph online)