19 February 2013

Quick Update: Snow, Expect Delays

+ Today it snowed!
+ We got the keys to our new place
+ I got another job which I'm excited about (it's actually my old job, but different responsibilities & far less hours, woo!)
+ I got the first batch of lettersets printed
+ I met with a couple ladies from the Butte County Crafters Etsy Team about summer craft faires/booths
+ Got the official LEP stationery and some awesome zines & letters from LetterMo today in the mail!

- The envelopes I have don't fit properly and because everything MUST be perfect, I am ordering the proper size before I list them on Etsy
- Family emergency yesterday... more on that later
- My job starts tomorrow... wasn't prepared for that which means moving in and finishing commissions are delayed yet another day
- Jamie has been sick all weekend

All this adds up to: No new listings until next week at the earliest.

Oh well. Life goes on. All that's left to do is bend your knees and lean into it... I learned that in Roller Derby. And now it's time for Pre-Dinner Nachos, yum!

♥ Ciara Kay

1 comment:

  1. "Bend your knees and lean into it"......LOVE it! Great saying! I'm stealing that one:)