02 March 2013

Catscratch & Coffee Day Make Their Debut!

Finally, finally, FINALLY I have some actual stationery in the shop! Between being sick, moving, and not having internet all of my projects have been at a standstill... SO frustrating. But now we are rolling again, and the stationery sets are live!

Catscratch - $12 for 10 sheets & 5 envelopes

Cafe Coffee Day - $12 for 10 sheets & 5 envelopes


Also I got all my derby gear!! I get to use all of it tomorrow at practice. ♥ We took team photos today and I think they turned out really cool, I'll be sure to post some when my friend the photographer is done editing them.

Other news - You can listen to David Bowie's new album for free on itunes! This makes me very happy.

Other other news - We are eating homemade bacon, swiss & avocado cheeseburgers tonight. I am very excited about that.

Coming Soon... Extraterrestrial Abductions Day is just around the corner! Here's hoping I get it printed & listed in time!

♥ Marsha Out

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  1. Love it! got a set of both the new stationary designs and excited to write an actual, physcal LETTER! So hard to find cute stationary these days. And I am excited to puchase and mail a greeting for EXTRATERRESTRIAL DAY! Can't wait to see THAT design:)lol