27 December 2012

New Year's Penpal Swap & Outgoing Mail

Woo, two posts in a row!
Fun Thing: I'm hosting a penpal swap over at Swap-Bot! The theme is goals for the New Year... if you like to set goals and New Year's Resolutions, and would like a new penpal who will help motivate & encourage you to accomplish those goals, go sign up!

Tomorrow is the deadline to sign up and there are quite a few already on the list. It should be fun! I've been thinking a lot about my goals for the last few weeks... I even made a zine of them, which I'll be sending along to my swap partner and sharing here on New Year's Day! Hopefully I'll spend as much time accomplishing my goals as I've spent planning my goals...

Good news! I got a job interview! It's next Thursday... I'm nervous. I haven't had to interview for a job in like three years. I'm a bit rusty. Anyway, the sooner I get a job, the sooner I can get Scoutaroo Paper Co. officially off the ground! I can't wait!!

Some housekeeping: I now have a Flickr and a Twitter and a Facebook for Scoutaroo... So, pick your poison.

Outgoing Mail

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As promised, some outgoing mail from December 11! As you can see, washi tape & experiments with lettering are my current choice in trends...

Old Beer carrier turned postcard to Derrick of I Still Write.
To a faithful penpal! That woman writes SO much... I don't know how she keeps up!
To a friend from home.
To a shut-in from our church who I like to send holiday cards to.
To another friend from home!
An intro letter to a new penpal (hopefully!)
Up Next: Some upcycled envies and another stationery preview!

-- Ciara Kay

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  1. Cool! I didn't know you wrote to Dorothy Midkiff! Awwww:) warms my heart!:)