24 January 2013

Just Because

Lots of happy things to report from today (hence, happy vector bunnies! These were leftover from a design that didn't get used, and I decided to slap a kraft paper texture on them. Yay recycling, haha).

♥ I got hired at Art, Etc, a local frame & art shop downtown! I will be working one day a week in the store learning the trade & helping customers, and I will also be building and maintaining their website and helping manage their Etsy shop!

♥ I got a package FULL of zines from a new friend, TMC! I can't wait to devour them all! So cool! Now I definitely want to do a full sized zine... mini-zines are fun afternoon projects, but these are so inspiring!!

♥ I made my 10th Scoutaroo Paper Co sale and I think I've earned enough to get some lettersets printed!! I met with a print shop just down the street from where I'll be moving, and they're a little pricey but I like them so I'm going to give it a shot... Keep an eye out for new listings soon!

♥ I get to hit girls! I am LOVING Roller Derby! My team is awesome and I just adore the sport. It's so much fun, despite the bruises and 24-hour post-practice soreness, haha. I am hoping my skin toughens up because right now I look like an Appaloosa.

One bad thing, I seem to have lost my camera battery charger... which is super lame because I've been getting some awesome mail that I want to photograph and post! Poo! Oh well. Not everything has to be shared on the interwebz to be legitimately cool.

I'll be getting my pre-orders (and a few extra) printed next week to ship on the first! And if I get a few more orders (hint hint!!) I'll be able to get a few lettersets made! Exciting! I don't have a date set for my grand opening, but when that happens there will be a giveaway, discounts, and of course, lots of cool new stationery for you to buy and write on and mail to people.

Elatedly yours,
♥ Ciara Kay


  1. I LOVE the rabbits, but then again, I'm partial. :) I'm glad the zines arrived and you're enjoying them. There's one more on the way that I forgot to include in the parcel. Happy zine-ing!

    1. I did have you in mind with the bunnies. ;) Ooh, yay! Looking forward to it! I'll be sending a few mini-zines I made to you soon as well. :)

  2. Hooray for Elated days! Congrats on all the sales and I'm excited for the launch! Ok here's my requests: I would like to see greeting cards for these life events: bdays, anniversary, birth, get well and sympathy. GO!:)

    1. Don't worry Mamacita, I will have lots of cards to choose from eventually! ;) Even for completely useless occasions (Beer Can Appreciation Day, anyone?)