27 March 2013


Random post ahoy!

Look what I bought at Michaels on Monday! ♥ I went in for that one purple pen and left with all of this (and a few things for Scoutaroo). I could not resist those stamps... or those postage stamp stickers! Or really any of it, which is why I spent $40 instead of $15.

Stamps, ink, a purple pen, notepads, stickers, STAMP STICKERS, ribbon
Look what I got in the mail yesterday! I hosted a stuffed collaged envelope swap over on swap-bot.com and I got this special treat from Texas. I love the black labels!

Goodies galore! Including David Bowie articles... ♥
 Look what I made while I was supposed to be doing other things! A 4-month planner! (I ran out of pages okay?)
I used an old journal (removed juicy journal secrets first! I'm carrying this around with me, after all).
Added tabs & hand-drawn calendars.
Weekly planning pages are a must! I like to map out every detail of my days and looking at the entire month gets overwhelming...
So that's what I've been up to. I have some exciting news that I'll be sharing later this week!

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Oh no, you have now put the thought of going to Michael's and buying lots of things I dont need into my head. ;) I would really love some stamps those. The ones you got are too cute!

    The planner is lovely!! Very creative and cool.

    Looking forward to your exciting news! :)

    1. Don't do it! (But you won't regret it, haha!) If I had absolutely no self control I would have left with three times as much stuff. I plan on going back for some of it...

      Thank you! And I can't wait to share my exciting news!

  2. Love the homemade planner! But that must have taken SOOO long to do! I can't imagine hand-drawing all the calendars. Of course my penmanship is atrocious too so all that put together= store bought planners for life:)

    1. Eh, it's not so bad with a ruler! But it does help to have semi-decent handwriting, hahaha. ;)

  3. I too went to micheal's for just a pen and left with much more this week! They actually didn't have the pen I wanted so i ended up at paper source where I got even more sidetracked! Glad I'm not the only one!