01 April 2013


I have 10 pieces of mail that I still need to reply to... At least they're all from March! But it's April now, time to get crackin'!

Man, these photos suck. I forgot to switch my camera back to "auto," haha. Oops! Well, you get the idea: I get beautiful mail from beautiful people.

From Amber in Louisiana & Olga in Mexico - my first penpals from each of those locations!
From Germany
From Kay in Mississippi
From the Snail Mailer featuring a bunch of goodies & a super cool Jacob's Ladder letter!
From Helena, a Brit in Japan!
From my good friend Deborah in San Francisco! Easter goodies including a Letter C keychain & stickers!
From Tasha in Oklahoma, my New Year's Resolution buddy
From my talented new penpal Harjyot in Mumbai, India!
From my thoughtful friend TMC! The first birthday card of the year! I turn 22 on Saturday. :)
I hope everyone had a good Easter. We enjoyed a great church service (we were treated to hymns on organ, very classic and beautiful) and lots of food with Jamie's family! We also got a chance to stop by my parent's house for more dessert & fellowship. It was a beautiful, cloudy, rainy day to remember the Resurrection!

Today I got a lot of stuff done; at least enough to justify a few hours of Animal Crossing: City Folk! Jamie is going to buy himself a new Wii U and I've rediscovered my obsession with silly Nintendo games like Animal Crossing... If only they made Viva Pinata for the Wii, I would be in heaven. Viva Pinata is my favorite game EVER.

Off to write some letters! That is, if I don't give in to Animal Crossing... The sound of Animalese just warms my heart!

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. You silly girl....do you still have the old xbox animal crossing game or do we have it here?

    1. I'm borrowing it with the Wii from you guys for now. ;)