20 May 2013

Fandom Sketches

I need to update more often than once a week... I kind of needed a break last week after the craft show... plus, with Jamie leaving in a few weeks for Nebraska and his 6-week math research program, I'll be wanting to spend more time with him! But when he's gone I'll need lots of distraction, so you should be seeing more designs and such from me at that point... But I just made a really big sale, which is also my first from South Africa! So that is very encouraging... I was considering taking a little vacation from Scoutaroo but now I have a renewed interest + excitement about it. I like it when people like my stuff... ♥

Ok, now for the fun stuff; here are some doodles of some fandoms I've been geeking out over lately!

Harry Potter, of course! Never gets old... been watching "A Very Potter Musical" which is brilliant!!
And a few from Game of Thrones (currently in the middle of Book 4)... I love Dany + Drogo ♥... if Jamie liked horses he could totally be my Khal! ;)
Today is Jamie's LAST day at work!! We are celebrating with a movie tonight and probably a couple of drinks. And I have lots of mail to catch up on... I can't keep up with you fools. But it's been too long since I've taken the time to write a letter, so I'm looking forward to it. ♥

Stay classy internet people,
♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Was your big sale the Siamese cat stationary (did someone buy all you had in stock at once)? Also LOVE seeing your fandom sketches-keep those coming! Can I make a request that you sketch our immediate family (all of us who went to Morro Bay last summer?) I'd love for a Christmas card! Not sketch the actual picture, just our faces randomly on a page like you did for the fandom art:) That would rock! I'd love to see an animated version of everyone!

    1. Yep, someone bought 8 stationery sets! :D Totally made my day! And that would be good practice, I might do it if I get around to it. :)