16 August 2013

Purple Buffalo

I met with a local print shop on Monday about my Secret Project, which I will be revealing in September hopefully! I'm super excited to work with them, and I'm looking forward to offering all of you much better quality products in the near future (I was never quite satisfied with the work at my other print shop... past buyers will notice a marked difference in quality and consistency after I get some stuff printed up with my new shop, I hope)! Also, the girl who helped me is on the Santa Cruz Derby Girls board, and wants to go outdoor skating with me sometime! ♥ Yay for new friends!

Other than keeping house and walking to the beach and applying for jobs, I've been drawing and painting up a purple storm of buffalo! I am so excited about this new line that I wanted to give you guys a little preview of it... It will be the flagship of my Secret Project and will hopefully be available for purchase in mid-September!

You might be wondering what my obsession has been lately with purple buffalo. I have a few reasons for it:

#1 PURPLE. BUFFALO. I could just end there, but...

#2 I've been working with Dave Simcox for the last six months, whose Etsy shop I also manage (he's on haitus at the moment, sadly, but will hopefully be back soon. Seriously worth taking a look at). Dave has this contagious fascination with the prairie, which I've picked up by osmosis. One of my newest favorite quotes, which he shared with me, is this:
"…the joy of prairie lies in its subtlety. It is so easy—too easy—to be swept away by mountain and ocean vistas. A prairie, on the other hand, requests the favor of your closer attention. It does not divulge itself to mere passersby." - Suzanne Winckler
I find it haunting and beautiful that North America's largest land mammal resides in the prairie. In my mind, buffalo have always been intimidating and mysterious beasts, of almost mythical proportions. And they used to live and roam in these vast herds through these oceans of grass and sky until they were nearly wiped out along with all the other romantic things about the New World... It's all very otherworldly and magical and tragic and foreign and wonderful.

#3 HOWEVER. My obsession with purple buffalo is mostly due to the fact that this one album by *shels called "Plains of the Purple Buffalo" has struck a chord deep in my very SOUL... Everything about this project of theirs just kills me... the sweeping, dreamlike, mournful epic of the music, the artwork, not to mention the fact that it was inspired by "The Neverending Story." I just love it so much I could burst!! So, this stationery line is a tribute to *shels' genius work, which captures all of these things in the most sublime way I can imagine.

If you'd like to listen to the album (which I HIGHLY recommend), it's best done under headphones, uninterrupted, and during an activity that will allow you to listen to the awesomeness that you're hearing... Don't waste it. This is ART, people, DO IT RIGHT.

You're welcome ♥

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. WOW...love the music and I think the purple buffalo motif is very romantic and other-worldly, too. Just read a book about a young pioneer girl who goes across the prairie to utah (she's an orphan but very detemined). She says almost the same things about the prairie that the quote did...it has it's own 'ocean-ness' and is extremely colorful, once you get past the yellows. greys and browns, you can see it very clearly!

    1. Yes, that sounds like just the right idea of prairie! :) Glad you like the music! ♥