30 August 2013

The Internet Manifesto Part V: The End

[If you read my last post and you're still interested in putting Sabbath into practice I recommend you go over to The Sabbath Manifesto and give that a try! It's a good starting point.]

I've been struggling with this decision for a few months and I've made a choice. I would like to announce that I'm letting go of Scoutaroo Paper Co. Not only did I have issues selling commodities in the first place, I thought I could justify my Internet use (and the consequences) for the sake of building a business. Alas, I could not. I can confidently say I gave it a fair shot, but it's just not a good situation for me and not worth the mental turmoil.

A Few Practicalities:

  • The Etsy shop will remain open until I sell out of my current stock
  • I won't be updating the blog or twitter
  • You'll see me around from time to time, commenting on various blogs and League of Extraordinary Penpals posts, among other things, because you guys are cool and I want to see what you're up to ♥

I love you guys and really do appreciate your part in this adventure! I'm always up to continue the conversation... I get my mail at this address if you want to keep it going:

5085 Wilder Drive Apt C
Soquel, CA 95073

Peace Amigos!

♥ Ciara Kay