07 January 2013

Valentine's Day Preview!

I'm hoping to launch in time to hit the Valentine's Day crowd, but time will tell! Hoping and praying that I get that second interview... and we looked at apartments in Chico today, too. If all the pieces fall into place, I'll be up and running in just a few weeks!!

But still, I am worried that I may not be able to get Valentines printed in time to arrive by Valentine's Day! So... would it be crazy to offer pre-orders? Thoughts? I don't think I've seen this done with stationery before and it may be a complete flop, but then, what do I have to lose?

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my designs for my 2013 Valentines! The theme: Under the Sea. I will be offering Classroom Valentines and regular 4.25X5.5 cards. There are four designs total, but here are two:

I'm excited to reveal the rest when I list them in-store on Etsy.com!

My mom has always decorated the house for every holiday, so I love to celebrate them! I always associate Valentine's Day with sugar cookies and candy and making our own Valentines. I always got Valentines from my parents and grandparents until my boyfriend-now-husband took over, so Valentine's Day was never as depressing for me as it can be for some. I love to give Valentines to friends & family and always get a pack of Classroom Valentines to share... only this year, they will be ones I designed. :)

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As we all know, when you send letters, you get letters! Here are some I've received in the last week from a few penpals, old and new!

Incoming Mail

Top to Bottom: Deborah, Girl on a Glide, and a new correspondent Derrick Dodson
A new penfriend found via Swap-Bot.com! Her first name is Kay and she sent me a wonderful letter and lots of goodies... looking forward to swapping more zines & life stories with her in the future. :) 
Things are moving by way too fast and not fast enough!! 2013 is off to a bit of an unexpected start. More on that in future posts!

-- Ciara Kay


  1. OK so I want to do a pre-order! I want 12 assorted of the large size:) we can talk details later?

  2. I love the whale! I've added your shop to the list of stationery sources on my blog. : )

    You're going to love Chico. I went to college there and wish I could live there still.

    1. Thank you very much! =)

      My husband graduated from Chico State last Spring! We've both lived in Paradise most of our lives and are ready to make the move down the hill. ;)