08 January 2013


Today is a very special day. My dad turned 49. Also, David Bowie turned 66 AND ANNOUNCED A NEW ALBUM COMING OUT THIS MARCH!! WOOOOO!!! I may have to skip ahead in the lineup (I'm supposed to get the Tin Machine albums next) and buy it when it comes out...

To celebrate this momentous occasion (and because I need to brush up on my Bowie-drawing skills for a special line of stationery...) I doodled some of my favorite Bowie personas. I love that guy. ♥

Happy Birthday David Bowie!
One of these days I'll make a Bowie-zine, mostly to try to explain why I am so fascinated, but also because I need an excuse to draw more pictures of him...

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As I mentioned very briefly, today is my dad's birthday, too! And my mom's was on Sunday. I made them cards because I'm broke...

My nicknames for my Mom & Dad (I'm a quarter Mexican... and that's about as much Spanish as I know, haha)
I hope everyone's January 8th is going well. Today my task is to catch up on letter-writing!! My favorite thing!

-- Ciara Kay

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  1. I like your Bowie-Zine idea.....you could probably sell it on a Bowie fan site or something like that! :) I, for one, would like to know where your Bowie fascination comes from!