09 January 2013

The League of Extraordinary Penpals WANTS YOU!

I had the pleasure of illustrating the official logo for The League of Extraordinary Penpals, a new project by Julie of Penpal of the Week/La Papierre and Laura of Please Deliver To! The LEP launches today, and it's a super penpal club for extraordinary penpals!! If you join you get to be a part of an awesome community and you get cool stuff every month in the member newsletter:

♥ Printable
♥ Snail mail challenge
♥ Organized swap (letter or stationery related)
♥ Giveaway
♥ Superhero-themed interview with an extraordinary LEP member
♥ Article on a topic of interest
♥ Featured snail mail related website
♥ Access to a private stationery subscription service (SSS)
♥ The chance to receive a letter or a card from your LEP hostesses

I get to be the club's official illustrator and I am stoked! The member fees are really minimal for all the awesome stuff you get. Plus, if you sign up before February 1 the cost is even less!

So what are you waiting for?? Join today!

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Proud member! Can't wait to see all the goodies that come with membership in the League!

    1. I know, I'm excited to see what Julie & Laura come up with!! =)

  2. Very cool~ I'm almost inspired to join! I hate handwriting letters, thats my only problem!: Love the logo, btw:)

    1. There are a fair number of typists in the penpal community due to bad handwriting! ;) You too can have penpals, haha!

  3. Love the logo you made, such talent! I joined and I'm one that doesn't mind typed letters. ;)


    1. Thanks! =) And yay! Welcome to the League! ;)

  4. You did a terrific job on the logo. I also joined on the first day.