12 January 2013

Zine: The Care & Keeping of Pet Rats

I made a little zine a couple weeks ago for a swap I hosted over on swap-bot.com! I think I'll make this into a series of zines about some of my favorite "exotic" pets and sell them as a bundle... definitely going to do one about hermit crabs, maybe one about betta fish, and probably one about leopard geckos or bearded dragons. I miss my menagerie!!

"The Making Of"
The finished mini-zine!
Going out into the world!
I also carved a stamp of my logo out of an extra eraser we had around. It turned out pretty good!

Incoming Mail

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I've received quite a few letters & swaps since I took these photos... I'll post them in the next batch! ;)

Finally I'm an official member of the Letter Writer's Alliance!
Awesome bundle of goodies from The Snail Mailer!
I just sent out a ton of mail so I'll be posting about that next week!

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In Snail Mail News: January 23 is National Handwriting Day, February is LetterMo, and if you join the LEP before February 1 you get a discounted rate! So much is happening in the Mail Universe!

In Life of Ciara News: I'm still looking for a job! Still waiting on that second interview... on Monday I'm going to submit my resume to a few cafes & bakeries downtown to see if I can get some backup plans rolling. Some Good News: we have a couple of leads on a place to live. The Bad News: we can't move in until February... Being a vagabond is not as fun as you'd think... Though, being on permanent vacation is not so bad.

I've been holding out on announcing this because I wanted to be sure I was going to stick with it, so here goes... I'm joining a Roller Derby team! I've taken "Dead Marsha" as my moniker and 379 as my number... ten points to anyone who gets the reference (without having been told by me previously, cheaters!!). Anyway, derby is WAY fun and I am loving it so far! I'm already able to practice with the rest of the team (though I'm pretty slow at some of the footwork drills, and I'm not as in shape as the rest of them) and I can't wait to have a job and money so I can buy my own awesome (purple!) gear.

You can definitely expect to see some derby-themed stationery in the future of Scoutaroo Paper Co.

-- Dead Marsha


  1. I wanna see your Ratty-Zine in person! And I am excited about the roller derby=themed stationary! Maybe some with just some roller skates, for those of us who skated in the 70's? BTW have a letter here for you to pick up (again)

    1. Definitely some classic skate stationery will be in the mix. ;)

  2. I love the rat zine! I had rats for many years and miss them. Now I have two cats and they aren't all that compatible as pets.

    1. I love cats too!! But I'm definitely getting rats first when I'm at a place where I can have pets again. ;)