24 March 2013


I don't usually post on Sundays, but it's Jamie's 26th birthday and I got him this awesome Coffee Siphon from Ka Pai Coffee Co. This thing is incredible. Jamie is now at least a Level 7 Coffeemancer specializing in Brewingmancy, according to our friend Kiernan. I'm inclined to agree. Jamie loves coffee and now he loves making it as much as he loves drinking it, haha.

Step One: Grind the coffee beans...
With this awesome hand grinder!
Step Two: Add boiled water to the lower pot.
Step Three: Add alcohol & light the burner!
Step Four: Put the grinds in the upper chamber...
...and place over the boiling water.
The water rises to the upper chamber.
Step Five: Stir & let brew 1 minute.
Step Six: Remove heat & watch your coffee drain into the lower pot. 
Step Seven: Coffee!

Yummy coffee in the morning... ♥
While we weren't tinkering with science & coffee, we have had a very enjoyable morning! We went to brunch and got mimosas, a breakfast burrito and lemon poppyseed pancakes, and now Jamie is catching up on weird old movies and I am puttering around my workspace. I might catch up on a few letters, I might doodle, we will see!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Palm Sunday!

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Thanks for the step-by-step photos; now this contraption makes more sense! is this an old-fashioned method or just something kooky created for the coffee-phile?

    1. I believe it's an old-fashioned method, but now it's a coffee-phile gadget, haha. =)

  2. I think I have seen that before--I bet the coffee is delicious! I am thinking Starbucks is easier :)

    1. There are definitely more convenient ways to get your fix. ;)