21 March 2013

Mail Call!

It's about time we had a mail post around here!!

Here are a few letters I sent out a couple weeks ago... I am so behind on my correspondence it's not even funny.
Ziggy Zine order outgoing!
Replying to new LetterMo friends, still!!
Fun story on how Satu decided to start writing to me... She saw my illustrations on LEP, read my blog, and one day decided to send some happy mail to a random address on Sendsomething.net and my name came up! I'm excited to have a new friend from Finland. ♥
Another new LetterMo friend!
Some happy mail to a great friend, the Snail Mailer
Keep writing letters!
♥ Ciara Kay


  1. I ordered your David Bowie stationary just now- its fantabulous!

  2. Love it! Your so creative but you already know that, I hope! ;)