10 April 2013

Birthday Wishes & Printables

This is what I did for my birthday:
  • Went wine tasting (delicious!)
  • Went on the Sierra Nevada brewery tour & tasting (very interesting and quite tasty... there was a beer that was aged in Bourbon barrels... SO good)
  • Went to a mystery dinner theatre (gross food, kind of a lame show, oh well)
  • Spent the night with friends (way fun!)
  • Had breakfast at an Irish pub (so yummy!)
I also wanted to share some cards I got...
From my grandparents. Inside it says "Resistance is futile, you're still one of us" XD BEST CARD EVER
22 cards from the Snail Mailer! All in separate envelopes... best gift in the world from a penpal!!
In other news, I have bronchitis now, which is why I've been a bit quiet around the interwebz the last few days. Also it was my birthday, so I guess all are legitimate excuses. =P

I do have a new product in the shop though! I decided to make some printables for $5 each... What do you think?

Garden Snail Printable Stationery 
Praying Mantis Printable Stationery
With all the bugs visiting it seemed appropriate. It was 85 degrees (F) today!! Crazy... so glad the house is well insulated! I mislike the heat.

What would YOU like to see more of from Scoutaroo?? I'm really interested in any kind of feedback! ♥

Here are a few things I have planned for the near future:

  • Penpal Address books
  • Birthday Cards
  • Penpal Kits
  • OOAK Envelopes
  • Fold & Mails
Anyway. Today was kind of a brainstorming day. Lots of ideas, very little resources to implement them... ah well, I just need patience!

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Definitely birthday cards! I buy at least 3-4 a month and would love something original- I give Hallmark way too much business:)

  2. you are welcome! I must say the insect and snail printables are quite fetching!

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