05 April 2013

Birthday Wishlist

It's way too late for anyone to be buying me anything for my birthday, but I DO have some birthday cash!! How can I decide between all these awesome Etsy finds?

Refillable Leather Sketchbook by ZenfishLeather
Gray Sweatshirt by YSari
Sweet Skate Toe Guards! by RedRage77
My favorite biscuit pillow... by Nikki McWilliams
Or maybe I'll blow the whole wad on washi tape... from washimatta
Hmm... what should I treat myself to? Decisions decisions! ♥

I had a swell day! Went to work at my favorite framing shop, got news that Jamie has officially been accepted to U.C. Santa Cruz (YAY!! We are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate), got some lovely letters & birthday cards, and I'm looking forward to lots of surprises tomorrow for my birthday!

♥ Ciara Kay

P.S. Don't forget to use the $5 off code in my shop by the end of tomorrow! Spend $24 or more and get $5 off with the code 24BIRTHDAY ♥

1 comment:

  1. I vote for the sweatshirts or sketch book (the toe guards are cool, but your next roller derby team might use different colors!)