13 April 2013

Saturday Sketchdump: Golems & Girls

I'm trying to sketch every day in my sketchbook... anything I feel like sketching, as long as I sketch. And I'd like to post the week's doodles every Saturday. We will see how long this lasts... knowing me, this will be the first and final "Saturday Sketchdump" post, haha.

Anyway, I only have Wednesday-Friday's sketches to post! Next Saturday you will have a full week's worth of doodles to gawk at.

4•10 - Inspired by the Genesis song "The Brazilian" [LISTEN TO IT. Genesis is amazing] I always picture huge mountain golems rising out of the earth when I hear that song...

4•11 - this image
4•12 - Illustration Friday's prompt prompted a crazy crayon-scribbled derby girl... I have my first bout in Santa Cruz IN ONE WEEK!!

Hope you like!

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Awesome roller chick! Maybe that should be a stationery theme. And good luck on the derby!

    1. I plan on making derby themed stationery someday!! =) And thank you!