15 April 2013

Want an Awesome Postcard?

My sis-in-law gave me a rad box of postcards for my birthday and it has made me excited about postcards again... So if you would like one, add your info to my Postable! They are all gloriously random and lovely and I will glean great joy in sending them out into the world.

Some shop-related news:

♥ Secretary's Day is a week from tomorrow! Appreciate the administrative professionals in your life with this neato card!
Purchase on Etsy!
♥ I listed two new printables available in the shop!

♥ I'm going to have a booth in a craft faire on May 11! It will be my first ever... and it will be well documented... I have a Pinterest board designated for ideas & tips that I've been collecting from Etsy and elsewhere! I'm really excited about it... The faire is part of a music festival, Music for Music, to raise money for local music scholarships and give local artists a chance to show their stuff. Should be fun!

♥ I have a Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9) card on its way, and I think I'll finish up the artwork for those printables I mentioned and make some fully designed stationery in time for the craft show, too...

Now, I need your opinions!

Stationery: What design would you like to see next?
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I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon with a Sierra Nevada and iTunes to keep me company while I  make some mail, work on my product photography & enjoy the windy Chico weather from safe inside (where there's no pollen!!)

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Defintely put me on the postcard list for when you move away!:) I like all your stationary design ideas, actually:) And where is the Music for Music festival- dates, times, place? Chico this weekend perhaps?

    1. May 11 from 3-8 in Chico, and it'll be over by All Fired Up & the 1078 Gallery downtown. :)

  2. So far, I'm the only rat vote. I voted for rat because I've alway said "rats!" instead of a curse, and my daughters, who are grown and moms themselves now, have finally come to understand just why I had a substitute word. It is no longer a "momism" ... and now considered genius :)

  3. I'm not sure if I'm already in your Postable and don't want to duplicate myself. But I'd take a postcard if you're still sending them.

    Love, love, love Chico. It's like nowhere else.

    I voted cute rainy clouds because I like rain but my second choice would be rats because I've seen you draw rats and they're awesome.

    1. Thanks for the vote! And I'll send you a postcard. ;)

      Chico is pretty great!! We are enjoying our time here for sure! Love having a coffee shop just a couple blocks away. ;)