22 April 2013

Derby Daze...

I survived my first bout!! My team lost, but not by an embarrassing amount, and we made an awesome comeback in the second half and almost turned the tide... So we are pretty proud of ourselves despite the final score. All pics are by Nocklebeast, check out the rest of the photostream!

Team shot! Me on the upper left, purple helmet.
Me in the white jersey!
Me in the purple helmet, #379!
I can't wait for the next one in June!! Learned a lot, can't wait to get back to practice & get better at kicking ass.

Now I have to plan an office baby shower and start freaking out about my upcoming craft show!!

Also, all stationery in the shop is 20% off in honor of Britain's National Stationery Week! Why can't we Americans celebrate with you guys? ;)

Dead Marsha


  1. The shower was awesome (but I already told you that!):). In the top picture, do you have a black mouth guard in your mouth? Freakish...doesn't even look like your face with black teeth! I'm excited for the Sacto bout....our small group is going down, you know... you will have a much bigger cheering section for this bout!

    1. Yeah, that black mouth guard makes me look like Gollum, but that kind of goes with my theme so whatever, haha. XD I'm going to get a nice upgrade in white in time for the Sacred City bout. ;)