29 April 2013

Lots of Lettersets! ♥

Today was the best Monday ever. I spend a large portion of the morning meditating on leisure (Josef Pieper), then moseyed on over to Bidwell Perk, the coffee shop down the street, to crank out the illustrations for these bad boys! I feel accomplished.

First up, we have a lovely Rainy Day stationery design which I made in response to your votes! Don't worry, there will be dinosaurs and derby girls and ratties and more Bowie in the future... but I love rain clouds (I miss them! Come back rain!) so I had a lot of fun with this one.
Gridlines + Clouds = my favorite things
One of my penpals from here in California suggested I make some butterfly stationery because it's a popular motif amongst snail mailers on swap-bot.com. I'm not much into butterflies, but moths are bad-ass, so I compromised, haha. My grandma loves butterflies, so I will have to make some for her & the other butterfly lovers out there in the near future.
Featuring an Emerald Gum Moth
Next up! You've seen this first kitty before! He's for sale in my shop already, but I decided to make him some friends. ♥ I'll be selling them individually and also in a variety pack!
Tubby Tabby
Mischievous Maine Coon
Suave Siamese
So now I'll have some fresh new stationery for the shop this week, and just in time for my craft show on May 11th! Oh, and here's another opinion poll... thanks to everyone who voted in the last one! That was very helpful to me! ♥

Printables VS Stationery Sets... which do YOU prefer?
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♥ Ciara Kay


  1. I love love love the clouds!! And the new cats are adorbs!

    1. Thanks Tenzin! :D I can't wait to get them printed... I think they will look so cool! ♥

  2. wow this looks so amazing! Keep up the great work :)