01 May 2013

Never Fails

I was going to do a mail post about how I got all caught up today, but instead I want to share this little gem that I have rediscovered. Just let it wash over you, it's quite a lovely respite from all our restless endeavors.

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Who is this guy? I admit it's charming and sweet..but it's so long! I only listened to like 3 min with dad and we had to stop and ask what will the next 20 min be like? More of the same or does he break into a soaring bridge or something like that? Where the heck did you find this guy? he sounds Irish by the way:)

    1. So, the story behind it is that this guy recorded a tramp singing this song out in the streets and he created an orchestra rendition to accompany the tramp's singing on repeat.

      You are supposed to be patient. :P Just leave it on in the background while you do something with your hands, it's a great bit of therapy. ;)