05 May 2013


Ok, I am seriously considering buying a used iPod touch, JUST so I can use freaking Instagram. Look how beautiful it makes my washi tape look! I've been using it occasionally on Jamie's tablet, but I'm not going to carry that thing around with me everywhere (I think Jamie would object). Ya'll would definitely see more in-progress shots on my illustrations & show and mail posts from me if I had Instagram at my convenience...

But the anti-consumerism side of me (the weak and underfed side) wants me to wait a couple of weeks to decide... although I HAVE been wanting instagram-powers for a few months... hmmmm...

Decisions decisions... tomorrow I begin craft show insanity! If I had Instagram I would flood you with pictures. I will try to keep updates coming via text & photo despite my lack of fancy apps!

♥ Ciara Kay

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