30 July 2013

Stress Sewing

WHEW... busy month. Jamie finally came back from Ye Olde Lincoln Nebraska, and after a weekend of fun with friends and family we hit the ground running... well, actually, first I puked my brains out for 24 hours, THEN we got down to business. Not sure what that was all about, but I guess there was a flu going around. Anyway!

We spent three days in the Bay area hunting for the perfect Santa Cruz home! Day One, utter failure. Day Two, a little less discouraging. Day Three, found the coolest loft in an industrial complex that was affordable and awesome and roomy (quite an elusive trifecta in Santa Cruz). But, we didn't make the cut (we were competing with 20 other people to apply...). However, we are now waiting to hear back from a different property manager about a couple of other places in the area. The places we're applying for aren't as cool as the one we missed out on, but the company managing them seems great and there are walls and roofs and working toilets at both of them, so it'll do. :P Trying to stay positive here... We were both pretty disappointed about not getting the first place we applied to, but I'm determined to make the best of it.

Needless to say, I've been pretty stressed out in the last couple of weeks (having Jamie back helps for sure). Last night when we got the news that we didn't get the place we wanted, I was tempted to just crawl into bed and go to sleep at 8:00 pm, but I lay there for a few minutes and decided I didn't want to do that after all. I wanted to sew a skate wheel bag. So I did.

I used an old corduroy pant leg + some extra fabric from the dress I made last week! (Speaking of which, I should post pictures of that, too)...

Holds 8 wheels and their nuts quite snugly! I even made a little nut sack! ;)

Perfect wheel bag for my other set of wheels! I also used some cool stitching on my machine for decoration. ♥

Then, this morning I woke up at 5:30 am and decided to get out of bed and alter some clothes. This old shapeless, knee-length dress and a pair of capris I've had for like five years are now an adorable outfit!
I feel accomplished.

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Good Job! Didn't know you could sew.

    1. I'm learning! Making a dress was a great experience and has helped my smaller projects a lot. My sense of what I'm actually doing really improved. :P I had a lot of help with the dress from my grandma, who was a home ec teacher and used to make all her clothes when she was a teenager.

  2. That is cool that you made that little bag for the Wheels and all that and then the outfit, now that is awesome, I am happy that you feel accomplished. :) If I did something like that I know I would feel quite Accomplished also!

  3. Good for you, refusing to let depression over the loft apt send you into a sad spiral of inactivity and nonproduction (death to us 'reds')! Love you CK..and excited to help you move into your new digs this Friday! I need to buy a new sewing machine..you've alternately shamed and inspired me enough!:)

    1. Aww, thanks mama! I am so glad you guys can help us, otherwise we would have had to make multiple trips or something awful!! See if you can get your machine repaired first! :) It'll be cheaper than buying a new one!