01 August 2013

Before We Begin...

by dearlittleredhouse
Our adventure in Santa Cruz starts tomorrow. The place we applied to on Tuesday approved us within hours, and we spend another day driving down to sign the lease and drop off a carfull of our stuff at our new apartment. Today we've been doing nothing but packing and saying goodbyes to a trickle of friends and family who have stopped by throughout the afternoon, and now we're out of boxes! Jamie and his "little" brother (13 years old and already 5'11"!!) are picking up some more, so I'm taking the opportunity to reflect.

I have high hopes with this transition. I like starting new things, having a blank slate, for the same reason I adore new sketchbooks, all of that potential staring back at me from those empty pages, daring me to try something different. We have at least five years to really sink into this community, to get involved, to make friends and grow and learn. I intend to make the most of it. This is as close to a five-year-plan as I will ever get!

Five Things I Will Do With My Time In Santa Cruz

  1. Meet people
  2. Have dinner parties
  3. Quit my day job
  4. Draw
  5. Watch the sun set over the Pacific
It will be grand.

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. My best recommendation is to stop at a visitors center and pick up 5 brochures of local attractions and do them! Sometimes you find places like the Moravian Tile Factory that live in your soul!

    1. Oooh, I can only hope to find something as awesome as Fonthill + the Tile Factory! That place was magical! <3 We will be keeping an eye out, and in the meantime making frequent trips to the beach and Monterey Bay Aquarium. ;)

  2. It WIll be grand! So excited for you to finally set down some roots and fully enjoy that beautiful spot on God's green earth:) love you- still very glad you are still in CA and not 3000 miles away on the East coast!

    1. Yeah, it's hard to be sad that I'm not in Vermont when the beach is just a short waltz away!

  3. What an awesome community to land in! I think you'll quickly find kindred spirits.

    1. I know, we are so excited!! And I hope we do, we miss our friends! D: Once I get a job and join the derby team and Jamie starts school we should be able to make some connections. :)