28 August 2013

And the winner is...


The fabulous Julie of LEP + Penpal of the Week fame gets the lovely grand prize!

Also... SURPRISE BONUS ROUND! TMC and Charmaine each win a Mystery Bag! In each bag is 6 random 5X7 sheets of original stationery with 6 matching Kraft envelopes, plus 2 greeting cards with 2 matching Kraft envelopes!

I'll be sending everyone their prizes tomorrow! ♥ There were 70+ entries from over 40 people... Thanks everyone for participating!

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Yay! You have no idea how happy I am to be the grand winner! Cat stationery! Owl stationery! I can't wait to start writing letters on all that cuteness.

    Thank you Ciara Kay! xox