12 August 2013


Ok, I have failed to keep up the "mail blog" part of this blog as well. So! Here is some of my recent mail!

From Helena in Japan (and my reply on top)
From Amy in LA (and my reply)
From Juli in Florida (and my reply)
From TARAdactyl
...and my reply to Tara. 
From Lena in Germany
From Kelly in Malaysia
From Sara in Texas
First piece of mail in our new place from Meredith in Nevada
From Patricia in Ohio! Love the derby theme!
♥ Ciara Kay


  1. How fun! I have no idea what people write to you about but i simply LOVE their creative envelopes!:)

    1. We mostly just share stories about our lives, what's going on, our ideas, stuff like that. :) It's like having coffee with someone over a looooong period of time, haha.

  2. Ciara,

    Girl that is a lot of the coolest stationary and Envies that I've seen, Do you also make your own Stationary or Just Envies? I think which ever of my friends is a good artist I'll think their WAY better than me, that's for sure, and You are the coolest artist, BECAUSE YOU DRAW So Much Better than me, your drawings are awesome!

    1. Why, thank you so much! Yes, I design my own stationery! I have an etsy shop full of my designs: www.scoutaroopaper.com. :)