10 August 2013

Sketchdump • August 4-9

As promised! Technically the second installment of the Saturday Sketchdump series... I'll also be posting these daily on my instagram in case anyone does that.

august 4

Inspired by Mariee Sioux's song "Wild Eyes"

august 5

the beach + wharf at Capitola
 I missed August 6, and August 7 is here!

august 8


august 9

Stuff for the secret project... buffalo studies! Buffalo are like bear-cows. They kind of scare me.
Now I'm off to check in on job applications and pick up some dining room chairs that I got from freecycle!

♥ Ciara Kay

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  1. OOh I like your buffalos! And I am very curious about the secret project- intriguing!