01 January 2014

It's 2014...

Let's take a look at 2013's resolutions, which I nearly spent more time making a zine about than actually doing.

✓ Make a Dress

✓ Have an Art Show. Does a craft show count?

✓ Shop used/local/handmade Whenever Possible. This was a vague goal. I definitely did less shopping in general this year out of necessity and when I did I was pretty good about thrifting it (except the damn Dollar Store gets me every time), but someday I hope to buy mostly local groceries for sure.

✓ Read the Bible. I read from it almost every day. I'm in the middle of the book of Job, my third reading of Psalms, and I jump around the New Testament. Right now I'm in John to follow along with my church.

Read 13 Books. Nope. Well, maybe. I did read the Game of Thrones series and several books on theology and depression. So maybe. I'd have to count, but I don't feel like it. :P

Run Three 5K Races. HAH. Nope.

Lose Three Inches. I've lost weight but I've also stopped using any numerical measures to keep track.

Adopt a Pet. I have a betta that I adopted? :P But because I was thinking dog or cat that doesn't count... someday I'll live in a pet-friendly home.

Join Big Brother, Big Sister. Also nope.

Learn to Cook five Thai or Indian Dishes. I did learn how to make palak paneer and aloo gobi!

✓ Make 100 Etsy Sales. Woohoo! I have you lovely folks to thank for that one!

✓ Visit Five "New" Local Attractions. I didn't meet this goal while in Chico, but here in Santa Cruz I've been to two state parks, seen the Grateful Dead display at UC Santa Cruz, attended a Santa Cruz Derby Girls bout, and I've visited a couple of local breweries. Still more to see but I got that covered!

Collect the Rest of David Bowie's Albums. Ah well. I'll get there eventually. At least I got his amazing new release that was announced about this time last year! ♥

6/13, pretty good! No resolutions for me this year. Too many changes happen in even a few weeks, including my priorities.

Oh! Be sure to check out my new listings, which I posted sporadically throughout the evening yesterday! I'll be posting more over the next couple of weeks as I get stuff together.

Did you make any resolutions for 2014? How did you do on last year's resolutions?

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. Well done Ciara! I am impressed by your ambition and follow through. I make the same resolution every year which is to finish reading one book before I start the next, which I then more or less follow until next January. I can see no reason to change now.

    1. Thank you Greg! Why change what works, eh? ;)