13 March 2013

Like Some Cat from Japan

I was busy today. One viewing of Velvet Goldmine & 3 Bowie albums later, I made a whole new stationery design from start to finish. You know you are excited for some David Bowie stationery, yes you are!

So be looking for that new listing in a week or so!

What I should have been working on:

  • Mothers Day Cards
  • Birthday Cards
  • Happy Engagement/Baby/Wedding/Retirement Cards
  • You know, practical things...

But who wants THOSE when they can have BOWIE?? Am I right?

Oh. I just came up with a brilliant idea like just now. David Bowie Birthday Cards. Man, I am so clever. Now I just need a catchy phrase, like "Ziggy says have a rockin' birthday." Wow, that is lame. This is why I let Jamie write the jokes and I just draw the pictures... But now I don't have to come up with random generic birthday cards, I have them MADE! Oh boy! I really don't know if this is considered efficiency or laziness...

Ok, now I'm rambling. I apologize. I have just spent the last six hours in Bowie-land. It's disorienting.

♥ ziggyfan1984